My Honey Bee Journey

Photo of Beekeeper opening hive of bees

Me and the BEES

I began keeping honey bees in my backyard several years ago when I read that they were dissappearing.  The disorder, or dissappearance has been named Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD.  I knew very little about it in the beginning.

My reasoning was that if this turned out to be an epidemic of some kind, then maybe I might be one of the only ones in the U.S. with bees left in the future.  Not to mention my curiosity about bees and a love for honey itself.  I also draw bee cartoons.

I started with one hive I bought from a beekeeper, and then had six. I lost them to beetles, now have three.  They are doing really well, and I even got honey off of them their first year, which I was not expecting.  I took two frames from each of the three hives, and got several quarts of honey.

Boy, my honey tastes better than anything.  It has a delicate, slightly fruity taste, and is not super strong.  This is what is called “Wildflower Honey”, which is simply honey that comes from many sources of flowers.  I must be situated in just the right place, because my bees are finding and making a really true gourmet honey, (I think)  I won’t even use it to cook with, as the heat spoils the taste.  Them girls can sure make some honey!

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