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I make antique jewelry that has been “repurposed”, If a 100 year old earring has lost a mate or a back, I make a pin, necklace, or bracelet from it. Why buy a reproduction when you can have the real thing?

ANTIQUE JEWELRY can be found on this page

Hand made CERAMICS can be found HERE

Beautiful Southern hand made WOOD INK PENS can be found HERE

NOTE, ATTENTION, and all that.  Jewelantique, Jewelant, and Antique Heap, are places online where you can find antique and repurposed things.  They are not going to be there now, but all the things that are there will not dissapear from net.  Keep my contact info somewhere so that you can find and contact me if you see something you’re interested in. Keep checking back or subscribe by email to be notified each time I post a new thing.  And remember, most things I post on my blog can be had, excepting my personal self and the animals.  So if you see it, and want it, just ask and I’ll tell you if it’s for sale.

I ship to addresses in the United States currently now, and you can pay through PayPal using your credit card and without needing any PayPal account.

I ship within 1-3 business days, (not counting weekends, holidays, ice storms, monsoons, illness, or tornados.)  My local post office has an odd schedule of being closed on Wednesday afternoons, so I probably won’t be able to ship on that day.

If you are wanting to buy multiple items I will figure that separately for you and send a clickable invoice through email so that you can verify the needed postage before ordering. The best way to do that is to email or contact me with the items you want to buy and I’ll figure the postage for the whole package. Many items can be shipped in multiples in one flat rate box up to 75 pounds.  Then I can email you a PayPal invoice and you can pay that way.

If you’re buying several ceramics, they ship by weight and size.  With jewelry I can ship 1-4 items in one package and the shipping is the same for all 4 (or whatever will fit into the box)  If you happen to find your shipping charges are way too much I can easily refund any overage amount.  And finally if you need something faster than normal please also email me.

Large ceramic lamb with turquoise flowers

Large ceramic lamb with turquoise flowers #CER 01

SOLD  Large White Lamb with black face, turquoise flowers and ribbon around neck. Hand painted ceramic.  Measures 12”long x 5” wide x 7 1/2” tall.  $28.00  #CER 01a  (#CER 01b is grey faced)  NOTE  I have sold both of these lambs, but it might be possible for me to locate another to paint for anyone that wants to buy one.  I also do custom work and can paint your lamb any color you like, including rainbow colored.  If you want wings and a hat on it, I can do that too!

Hand painted ceramic white duck preening feathers

White duck preening feathers #CER 59

Paypal buy now buttonLarge white ceramic duck with head in feathers preening, highly detailed feathers and brown metallic eyes, handpainted ceramic 10”long x 7 1/2”wide x 6 3/4”tall  SALE $28.00  #CER 59

 These are just examples of what-all I make, and I have other ceramics I have not moved to this page.

CERAMICS can be found HERE

ANTIQUE JEWELRY can be found on this page

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