Peeky Peeky Roof

I looked up at the front of my house and was upset to see the antique (100 year old) wood decoration was chipping, cracking, leaking, and weathering.


Someone had simply just kept putting more and more paint on until finally it cracked and chipped half off. I knew if I left it that way it would fall apart and the design just fall off.

We took it into the house and put it up on a couple of work horses. I examined it, got my scrapers, chisels, sandpaper, and went to work. I knew removing all those many years of paint was going to take a very long time. Sorry, I haven’t found the picture of the close up of the bad paint job.




There was paint down in cracks that needed an exacto knife to get out. Finally we took it outside and used paint remover on it and then gently washed it off and let it dry. That paint was so tough to get off.

After the exacto knife and sandpaper on all the cracks and crevasses I patched and caulked all the cracked places, gouged places, and sealed where the wood design met the flat wood base.


Then we sprayed it with four coats of a very tough exterior base primer in white to waterproof it totally front and back, and give brightness under the colors that were to come . . .

I just used acrylic craft paints on this.  But when the painting was finished, it was sprayed with two coats of a durable clear acrylic exterior coating.


This is on the house but not adjusted or nailed down yet. I had to carry that heavy thing up a ladder and nail it so it wouldn’t fall back down again. I only weigh 120 pounds soaking wet, so it was a really careful balanced climb so I wouldn’t break my neck.

You can see another view of this on my Deviant Art Gallery








Yoga Yowie Needs His Sleep


The Yoga Cat is trying to get some shut-eye tonite, and people keep waking him up.  He’s all camped out on his down comforter.  Well, at least he thinks it’s his . . .  Possibly he’s paranoid I’ll kick him off it.

What I put on Webstore last night #2

I put even more stuff on the last nite.  It’s slow posting things, but little by little I’m getting some on there.  Here’s some pictures:

Softballs, Antique Button Hook, Antique kindling holder, Coca Cola Hand Fan, Contact Lens containers, Dewalt Jig Saw, Bag of Golf Balls, Hay Nets, Leather padded hobbles, AND a Leather Walking Horse Saddle



Now you see why I can’t seem to categorize what all I’m doing most of the time (grin)  In other words, if I could sell all my junk then I’d have room for the couch and table.  Oh, and the hand made saddle rack is for sale too.  I just haven’t posted it yet.


What I put on Webstore today #1

I got my guff up enough to spend time posting things on my web store on, which is one of the places I’ll be posting things for sale.  The Jewelry you see here is vintage antique costume jewelry from the Early to Late 1900’s.  My mother in law collected quite a bit of it, and I inherited.  I can’t wear it all though, so maybe you’d like to.  (grin)  And BTW, my prices are about 1/2 what most people are charging.

antique gold filled engraved with "Mother"

antique gold filled pin engraved with “Mother”

Round Silver toned Rhinestone Pin with large blue stone

Vintage Round Silver toned Rhinestone Pin with large blue stone

Gold and Silver Oak Leaf Pin

Vintage Gold and Silver Oak Leaf Pin

antique gold curved leaf holly pin forstner sterling

antique gold curved leaf holly pin forstner sterling

Vintage Gold toned Leaf Pin

Vintage Gold toned Leaf Pin

World War Two Brass Eagle Cap Insignia for Enlisted men.

Antique World War Two Brass Eagle Cap Insignia for Enlisted men.

I will be posting more Military Insignia on as I go along.



muscle cat



New things to enjoy

Grey cat Inquiring Minds


I recently decided to start posting some of my photography on DeviantArt website. The reason being they were just sitting on a hard drive not making themselves useful at all. Here’s what I’ve posted there so far at DeviantArt at      Also on DeviantArt you can have them printed as all kinds of things such as:


Fine Art Prints – Fine Art Canvas Prints – Framed Fine Art Paper Prints – Framed Canvas Prints – Wrapped Canvas Prints – Photographic Prints – Greeting Cards – Mouse Pads – Ceramic Coffee Mugs – Coasters – Fridge Magnets – Postcards – Calendars

Photo dog statue with sunglasses          Photo poolside candles

Yowie Yoga Cat HiYa!Gee golly that sounded great. I knew my little printer wouldn’t keep up with all that, not to mention the time involved doing it myself. And I’m sure not set up to print on cups, magnets, coasters, and such.  I’ll have to explore a different place for T-Shirts.  They don’t do that there.  NOTE: I have only just started posting my photography, but next month will start posting my ART there too.  (possibly, see my post here on maybe why not)

Photo Pink Rose    photo mauve purple rose    

So if you just want to see what all else I post on there, go on over to DeviantArt to MY page, and you can look through all of them

Ant Heap STUFF!

There’s been a bit of activity over at Antique Heap Blog, and also on Flickr.  I think she’s gone crazy with all the paperback books she’s strewing all over the web.  After all she is my alter ego, and one and the same as yours truly.

Vintage Romance Novel Illustration

Wow Anty Heap has a lot of passion!

Anyway, here are the links to the ROMANCE novels, along with all other categories of books and antiques.






Jewelant Website Message

Jewelant Antique Postcards

The and websites are going to be going to be gone Mid February 2016, as a necessary budget cut.   BUT DON’T WORRY!  Jewelant and all the stuff that was here will be online at many other places, so Jewelant will not be gone after all.  I will be posting all that was there, plus more things at these links later this month and throughout the year. Here are most of my links.  And I’ll be posting, as always here on the blogs.



And don’t forget you can contact me by email at any of those links. In the meantime, here’s some more stuff I’ll be posting:

Antique Military, Militaria

Antique Vinyl Records by Jewelant

Antique books,magazine,paperbacks

Jewlant's antique toys

Antique radio, ham, CB, and tubes

Vintage and Antique Jewelry

But that’s just a few of the things and categories.  I just have a lot of great junk!


Beautiful Southern Writing Instruments

casesingleblondewpen1BHand made slim line ball point pens with a Southern Tennessee Heritage. Made from many beautiful and unusual woods.  Boxelder, Cedar, Chestnut, Cherry, Fir, Poplar, Red Bud, Red Gum, Maple, Mahogany, Peach, Sassafras, Red Oak, White Oak, Canadian Oak, Light Walnut, Dark Walnut, Multicolored Walnut and various burls. These make fantastic presents for graduations, birthdays, awards, Christmas, or any other special occasion.  $18.99 each (all woods are the same price)  Order with a clear hardshell plastic gift box for $19.95 each


Oak Burl pen $18.99  Paypal buy now button

With clear gift box $19.95  Paypal buy now button


Oak wood pen $18.99   Paypal buy now button

With clear gift box $19.95   Paypal buy now button


Cherry wood pen $18.99  Paypal buy now button

With clear gift box $19.95  Paypal buy now button


Curly Maple wood pen $18.99  Paypal buy now button

With clear gift box $19.95  Paypal buy now button


Oak wood pen $18.99  Paypal buy now button

With clear gift box $19.95  Paypal buy now button


Aromatic Cedar wood pen $18.99  Paypal buy now button

With clear gift box $19.95  Paypal buy now button


Mahogany wood pen $18.99  Paypal buy now button

With clear gift box $19.95  Paypal buy now button


Aromatic Cedar wood pen $18.99  Paypal buy now button

With clear gift box $19.95  Paypal buy now button


Oak Burl pen $18.99  Paypal buy now button

With clear gift box $19.95  Paypal buy now button


Walnut wood pen $18.99  Paypal buy now button

With clear gift box $19.95  Paypal buy now button


Aromatic Cedar wood pen $18.99  Paypal buy now button

With clear gift box $19.95  Paypal buy now button


 Blond Maple wood pen $18.99  Paypal buy now button

With clear gift box $19.95  Paypal buy now button


Oak wood pen $18.99  Paypal buy now button

With clear gift box $19.95  Paypal buy now button


Maple wood pen $18.99  Paypal buy now button

With clear gift box $19.95  Paypal buy now button


Light Walnut wood pen $18.99  Paypal buy now button

With clear gift box $19.95  Paypal buy now button


Dark Walnut wood pen $18.99  Paypal buy now button

With clear gift box $19.95  Paypal buy now button




Blond Maple wood single pen box $12.99  Paypal buy now button

Walnut wood single pen box $12.99  Paypal buy now button

 Double solid wood pen cases

Double Solild Wood Pen cases

Double Solid Wood pen case wih pens

Blond Maple Wood double pen box $14.99  Paypal buy now button

Walnut double pen box $14.99 Paypal buy now button



North American B25 Bomber

I had this postcard and decided to find more information about it.

North American B25 Bomber antique postcard

North American B25 Bomber antique postcard at

From Wikipedia article North American B-25 Mitchell

The B-25 was named in honor of General Billy Mitchell, a pioneer of U.S. military aviation.

The B-25 was a descendant of the earlier XB-21 (North American-39) project of the mid-1930s. Experience gained in developing that aircraft was eventually used by North American in designing the B-25 (called the NA-40 by the company).

The majority of B-25s in American service were used in the Pacific. They fought on Papua New Guinea, in Burma and in the island hopping campaign in the central Pacific.

In Burma, the B-25 was often used to attack Japanese communication links, especially bridges in central Burma. It also helped supply the besieged troops at Imphal in 1944.

In the Pacific, the B-25 proved itself to be a very capable anti-shipping weapon, sinking many ships.

The first B-25s arrived in Egypt just in time to take part in the Battle of El Alamein. From there the aircraft took part in the rest of the campaign in North Africa, the invasion of Sicily and the advance up Italy.

The U.S. Eighth Air Force, based in Britain, concentrated on long-range raids over Germany and occupied Europe. During World War Two the British RAF received nearly 900 Mitchells, using them to replace Douglas Bostons, Lockheed Venturas and Vickers Wellington bombers.

Although the B-25 was originally designed to bomb from medium altitudes in level flight, it was used frequently in the Southwest Pacific theatre on treetop-level strafing and missions with parachute-retarded fragmentation bombs against Japanese airfields in New Guinea and the Philippines

The B-25 first gained fame as the bomber used in the 18 April 1942 Doolittle Raid, in which 16 B-25Bs led by Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle attacked mainland Japan, four months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

The Royal Air Force (RAF) was an early customer for the B-25 via Lend-Lease. The RAF was the only force to use the B-25 on raids against Europe from bases in the United Kingdom, as the USAAF used the Martin B-26 Marauder and Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress for this purpose instead.

The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) was an important user of the B-25 Mitchell,

The Australians got Mitchells by the spring of 1944.

During World War II, the Mitchell served in fairly large numbers with the Air Force of the Dutch government-in-exile

The U.S. supplied 862 B-25 (of B, D, G, and J types) aircraft to the Soviet Union under lend-lease during the Second World War via the Alaska–Siberia ALSIB ferry route.

Well over 100 B-25Cs and Ds were supplied to the Nationalist Chinese during the Second World War. In addition, a total of 131 B-25Js were supplied to China under Lend-Lease.

During the war, the Força Aérea Brasileira (FAB) received a few B-25s under Lend-Lease.

At least 21 Mitchell IIIs were issued by the Royal Air Force to No 342 Squadron, which was made up primarily of Free French aircrews.

At 9:40 on Saturday, 28 July 1945, a USAAF B-25D crashed in thick fog into the north side of the Empire State Building between the 79th and 80th floors.

There are more than one hundred surviving North American B-25 Mitchells scattered over the world, mainly in the United States. Most of them are on static display in museums, but about 45 are still airworthy.
Crew: 6 (one pilot, one co-pilot, navigator/bombardier, turret gunner/engineer, radio operator/waist gunner, tail gunner)
Length: 52 ft 11 in (16.13 m)
Wingspan: 67 ft 7 in (20.60 m)
Height: 16 ft 4 in (4.98 m)
Wing area: 610 sq ft (56.7 m²)
Empty weight: 19,480 lb (8,855 kg)
Max. takeoff weight: 35,000 lb (15,910 kg)
Powerplant: 2 × Wright R-2600-92 Twin Cyclone 14-cylinder air-cooled radial engine, 1,700 hp (1,267 kW) each

Maximum speed: 272 mph (237 kn, 438 km/h) at 13,000 ft (3,960 m)
Cruise speed: 230 mph (200 knots, 370 km/h)
Range: 1,350 mi (1,174 nmi, 2,174 km)
Service ceiling: 24,200 ft (7,378 m)

Guns: 12–18 × .50 in (12.7 mm) machine guns and 75 mm (2.95 in) T13E1 cannon
Hardpoints: 2,000 lb (900 kg) ventral shackles to hold one external Mark 13 torpedo[35]
Rockets: racks for eight 5 in (127 mm) high velocity aircraft rockets (HVAR)
Bombs: 3,000 lb (1,360 kg) bombs
List of aircraft of World War II
The List of aircraft of World War II includes all the aircraft used by those countries which were at war during World War II from the period between their joining the conflict and the conflict ending for them.  See this article at


Note: has this postcard, and if you like it, it is possible to order a print of it to hang on your wall.  The original was scanned in high resolution, and would make a fine addition to any military collection. Just email jewelant and inquire.

A family of bears

8 cute bear figurines

The bear family

Halloween and Christmas decorations for your shelf collection. Eight bears from my bear collection need a new home.  Here’s what they look like up close and personal.

hand painted composite fuzzy Halloween Bear with pumpkin body, top hat, and raven on his paw

Even birds like bears

witch bear figurine with hat,broom,and raven perching

Get that bug off my broom!

hand painted ceramic pumplin bear with pumpkin body

I need some anti acid pills.

composite halloween bear holding pumpkin with baby bear

Even a teddy bear needs a teddy bear

bear with pumplin body, hat, sack, and baby bear

I think I’m lost

Halloween Bear figurine with skeleton costume and lantern and hat


hand painted composite christmas bear with bag and list

I’ve got a list and you’re on it.

hand painted composite fuzzy drummer bear figurine


They each measure from 2 1/2 inches to 3″ tall.

All eight bears for $18.00  #CER 52,56,72-76 Paypal buy now button

This form sends me a private email.

Jewelant Jewelry page 4 – Earrings

Jewelant is at work to create some antique remade jewelry for you.  These were made from antique earrings with no backs, but two of them I made from scratch from antique swarovski crystals that came from very antique necklaces.  The crystal necklaces that didn’t have enough crystals left to restring, so I just tried my hand at making a few earring sets out of them.

Antique Pearl green tear drop earrings

Antique Pearl green tear drop earrings JEW 79

Paypal buy now buttonAntique pearl green teardrop earrings with gold toned french hooks.  Each measures 1 ½’long x 3/8”  #JEW 79  $10.00

Antique peach pearl drop earrings

Antique peach pearl drop earrings JEW 80

Paypal buy now buttonAntique peach pearl dangle earrings with gold toned cage encasement on gold toned french hooks.  Each measures 1 5/8”long x 3/8”  #JEW 80  $10.00

Antique silver filigree drop earrings

Antique silver filigree drop earrings JEW 81

Paypal buy now buttonAntique Silver metal filigreed earrings with silver toned french hooks.  Each measures 1 1 /2”long x 5/8”  #JEW 81  $12.00

Antique Carnelian turtle earrings

Carnelian turtle earrings JEW 82

Paypal buy now buttonAntique carnelian turtle earrings with gold french hooks. Each measures 1 5/8”long x 1/2”wide  #JEW 82  $24.00

Antique gold toned double heart earrings

Antique double heart earrings JEW 83

Paypal buy now buttonDouble gold toned heart dangle earrings with french hooks.  Measurement each 1” x ½”  #JEW 83  $8.00

Antique blue crystal and pearl earrings

Antique blue crystal earrings JEW 84

Paypal buy now buttonHand made sparkling antique blue swarovski crystal and pearl dangle earrings with silver french hooks.  Each measures 1 1/2”long x 1/4”  #JEW 84  $16.00

Handmade antique aurora borealis crystal earrings

Handmade antique aurora borealis crystals JEW 85

Paypal buy now buttonEarrings hand made from antique crystals.  Aurora borealis crystals and faux pearls on gold setting.  Each measures 2”long x 1/4”wide.  #JEW 85  $16.00

Aurora borealis flower earrings

Aurora borealis flower earrings JEW 77

Paypal buy now buttonAurora borealis pink rhinestone flower earrings with post backs. Each measures 1/2”  #JEW 77  $10.00


NOTE:  If you are ordering more than one item, instead of clicking on the buy now button, contact me by email, because I can ship four items for the same shipping price.  I can just send the invoice by email.  When I figure the shopping cart option things will be much better.








Hand painted figurines 3

Jewelant is painting more ceramics before Christmas 2014.

hand painted baby reindeer

Rudolph’s brother

Paypal buy now buttonSmall brown reindeer, green harness, Hand painted ceramic 1  4” long x 4”tall x 2”wide  #CER 40  $5.00

ceramic woven basket with flowers

Fresh for your table

Paypal buy now buttonLarge Pink woven basket with flowers inside, handpainted ceramic.  #CER 19  $16.00

hand painted Ceramic victorian doll

For doll collectors, or just yourself

Paypal buy now buttonFrilly lady doll with pink dress, lace, and gold necklace. Handpainted very tall about 16”  #CER 20  $28.00

hand painted wedding swan

You can put things inside of this swan such as candy or tiny favors

Paypal buy now buttonSwan container with sparkling flowers on neck, Handpainted ceramic  12”long x 8 1/4”tall x 6”wide  #CER 25  $24.00

hand painted ceramic elephant

Baby loves this elephant

Paypal buy now buttonStuffed elephant, Handpainted ceramic 8”long x 6 1/2”wide x 6 3/4”tall.  #CER 08  $24.00

hand painted ceramic container with lid

puffy basket with ruffled lid

Paypal buy now buttonGreen and white and sparkled sewing basket or container with quilting on top and ruffle edged lid, Hand painted ceramic  9”long x 6 1/2”wide x 4”tall  #CER 50  $22.00

large hand painted ceramic teddy bear

A large teddy for the baby room

Paypal buy now buttonLarge brown Stuffed bear, Hand painted ceramic  8 1/2”tall x 10 1/2”wide x 6 1/2”deep.  #CER 43  $22.00

home sweet home wall plaque

Home Sweet Home

Paypal buy now buttonHome Sweet Home ceramic wall hanging with bluebirds in a nest on front, Handpainted ceramic.  About 12” tall.  #CER 21  #12.00

Ceramic cherubs Christmas decoration

For your Christmas tree

Paypal buy now buttonCherub face, two girls, for Xmas decoration, Hand painted ceramic.  Measures about 2 ½” wide. #CER 69  $5.00


Hand painted figurines page 2

Gnome on a turtle hand painted

Gnome on a turtle

Gnome on a turtle hand painted figurine

Gnome on a turtle

Gnome leaping over turtle.  Completely handpainted and sealed for the outdoors.  He wants to go home with you.  You could hang your jewlery on him, or use him as a door prop.  9”tall x 5”wide x 7 1/2” deep.            #CER 18  $26.00  Paypal buy now button

Small hand painted ceramic lop earred rabbit figurine

Lop earred rabbit

Small white Lop earred rabbit, hand painted ceramic 4” x 3 1/2”  #CER 36  $8.00  Paypal buy now button

Ceramic hand painted Rabbit napkin holders

Rabbit napkin holder set ON SALE!!

Rabbit napkin holder set, Perfect for weddings and easter. Hand painted ceramic          3 1/2”long  x 3”tall x 1 1/2”wide.  #CER 38  $16.00 SALE (regular $24.00)  Paypal buy now button

Ceramic Santa with little girl and presents

Santa and friend

Santa with girl and sack of presents, Hand painted ceramic.  About 10″ tall.   Regularly $18.00      #CER 45  SALE PRICE $16.00    Paypal buy now button


Antique jewelry 3 heart necklaces

Some of the beautiful heart pendants I have fashioned.  I love hearts, it reminds me of my beau. who got me a gold heart ring.

gold heart locket necklace with chain

Gold ornate heart locket #JEW 66

Gold heart locket

Opens for a picture or a love note

Large heart locket  Necklace with raised gold carving on lid. Opens so that you may put a picture, or whatever fits inside to carry.  Measures 2 3/4” x 1 1/4”  chain measures 20”    #JEW 66  $22.00  Paypal buy now button


Antique enameled red heart necklace

Close up of #JEW 67

Antique enameled red heart necklace

Comes with double silk cord

Antique Enameled red heart necklace with yellow flowers and gold edge.  Has red silk cord double chain.  1 1/4” x 1 1/4”  chain16”  #JEW 31  $10.00  Paypal buy now button

Antique onyx heart pendant and silver chain

Onyx pendant and silver chain #JEW 68

Antique Onyx heart pendant on silver chain. Sophisticated and simple. Measures 3/4” x 7/8”  chain 17”  #JEW 68  $22.00  Paypal buy now button

NOTE:  You can order 1-4 items for the same shipping price, but to do this right now send me the item numbers and descriptions and I can invoice you through email.  Just contact me through the form below instead of clicking on the Buy Now buttons.

Repurposed antique jewelry 2

More Jewelry that I have crafted from antique pieces

antique gold tied bow necklace

JEW 29 Antique Bow necklace made from broken pin

Paypal buy now button

Antique Gold bow necklace  with chain.  Measures 1 3/4” x 2”  chain measures 24”  I made this necklace from a bow pin that had a completely broken pin back.  I could have replaced the pin back, but thought it looked nice as a pendant.  Chain may not be antique, but the pin is.    $24.00    #JEW 29

Antique Camellia flower necklace on gold chain with pearl

Camellia?  Or Rose?

Paypal buy now button

Antique gold tone Camellia necklace with one shining pearl in the very center. Measures 1 1/2” x 1 1/2”  chain measures 22”  $24.00  #JEW 30

Antique silver chandlier earrings

I replaced the clamp backs with french hooks on these

Paypal buy now button

Victorian chandlier earrings  Silver toned victorian chandelier earrings each with two silver dangles and two light blue beads.  French hook hangers. Measures 1” x 2” .  #JEW 31   $10.00

Antique peacock pendant

Peacock pendant #JEW 33

Paypal buy now button

Peacock pendant  Large Antique teardrop painted peacock pendant with gold chain.  Measures 2” x 1 1/4”  chain measures 28”.    #JEW 33   $24.00


NOTE: Shipping is $6.50 for 1-4 items.  But right now PayPal will not figure this correctly.  If you wish to buy more than one item, contact me with the form below and specify the catalogue number and description, and I will send you an invoice with the correct postage.

Hand Painted Ceramic figurines 1

I paint ceramic figurines with a lot of cuteness, beautifulness, and character.  You can give these to children, as wedding presents, birthday presents, and all occassions.  If you collect, I have Cherubs, bears, and all kinds of animals and dolls. Here’s a few of them I have for sale.  This page will be updated as I add more items. NOTE: I ship only within the U.S. presently.  I may change this later, but for now if you live outside the United States it’s not possible.

Large Hand painted ceramic brown squirrel

Got any NUTS?

Large hand painted ceramic brown squirrel

Measures 12”long x 8 1/4”tall x 8 1/4”wide  #CER 16

head detail of large ceramic squirrel


Large brown squirrel with tail upraised and glistening eyes, Handpainted ceramic.  Measures 12”long x 8 1/4”tall x 8 1/4”wide.  Genuinely hand painted and ready to greet people at your door.  #CER 16  $26.00   Paypal buy now button

Large ceramic hand painted partridge rock chicken

Partridge Rock chicken #CER 04

Large ceramic hand painted partridge rock hen

I lay lots of fake eggs (not reallly)

Large colorful Partridge Rock breed hen statue.  Hand painted ceramic, Measures 14 1/2” tall x 6 1/2”wide x 13”long.   #CER 04 $28.00   Paypal buy now button

Large ceramic lamb with turquoise flowers

Large ceramic lamb with turquoise flowers #CER 01

Large White Lamb with black face and flowers around neck.  Hand painted ceramic.  Measures 12”long x 5” wide x 7 1/2” tall.    #CER 01a  $28.00  SOLD

Hand painted ceramic lambNOTE: #CER 01b Grey Faced Lamb SOLD.  I’ve sold the grey faced lamb also.  BUT, if someone happens to like this lamb and wants to buy one I can see if I can find another one to paint for you.  Just let me know.  I can paint it any color you might like even rainbow colored!  If you have a decorating or personalization you want I’m open to ideas always. Hand painted ceramic.  Measures 12”long x 5” wide x 7 1/2” tall

Large ceramic hand painted colt

We had a colt just this color. #CER 02

Large ceramic hand painted colt

Close up of colts eye. The real colt had eyes like this.

Hand painted ceramic baby colt lying down and looking to the side, Hand painted ceramic. Measures 15”long x 8” wide x 8 1/2” tall.   #CER 02  $28.00Paypal buy now button

Hand painted ceramic white duck preening feathers

White duck preening feathers #CER 59

Large white ceramic duck with head preening, highly detailed feathers and brown metallic eyes, handpainted ceramic 10”long x 7 1/2”wide x 6 3/4”tall                          #CER 59   Paypal buy now button$28.00

This form will send me a private email message. The one at the bottom of the page posts a comment that appears on my blog page.

Antique Jewelry repurposed page 1

Antique pin gold leaf

One of my Antique pins

I have a lot of ANTIQUE jewelry that is between 50 to 170 years old. Rhinestone, metallic, Mother of Pearl, Earrings, pins, pins that double as necklaces, bracelets, and it is all very very old.  It was owned by a relative and she put it in a trunk where it remained for about 30 years until her passing.  There was so much of it that no normal person could wear all of it unless they wore a piece each day for years.  Additionally, I also inherited antique buttons, military emblems and awards, and medallions of all kinds.

So I aked myself “Hey, you, if you wanted a nice piece of jewelry for yourself, what would you do with it?”  And me said that I’d just make something out of it.  So here I post for you some of the jewelry I made out of my antique parts.  I would wear them myself, but I don’t have ten or twenty bodies to wear it on.  It’s all very dressy and for sale.

I’ve also got many broken necklaces that are antique beads that someone strung on simple sewing thread, which rots in 75-100 years.  So if you bead a lot contact me for pictures of my beads. I might have some you’d like.  If you have a question as to the history of some of them just ask and I’ll post an article on it.

I also have superb unbroken antique jewelry all over the place, but I will be posting that elsewhere, probably on my website at

NOTE ON SHIPPING:  Currently I do not sell outside the United States, so shipping is for the U.S. only right now.  Later on I may change this, but for now that’s the deal.  If you wish to buy more than one item I can ship several small items for the same shipping price.  Over a certain weight or size the package size goes up and so does the shipping.

Antique Ornate silver cross with multi colored stones

Antique Ornate silver cross with multi colored stones

Large Silver toned metal cross necklace with five colored stones. 23’” silver tone chain. Measures about 3″ x 2′.  Late 1950’s to Early 1960’s  #JEW 02a  $16.00   Paypal buy now button

Antique enameled mauve and gold pendant with flowers

Antique enameled mauve and gold pendant with flowers

Antique Mauve enameled metal shell pendant full view

Antique enameled shell pendant full view

Antique Mauve enameled metal shell pendant and chain with gold edge, small yellow flower motif. Measures 1 ¼ x 1 1/2”, chain  23”  #JEW 03 $16.00             Paypal buy now button

Silver and green rhinestone pendant

Antique green rhinestone pendant with silver chain

antique silver necklace with green rhinestone pendant

Comes with decorative silver chain

Silver toned metal and green rhinestone pendant and necklace. Pendant measures 7/8” x 7/8”.  Silver toned chain 27” Late 1800’s to early 1900’s    #JEW 11  SOLD

I sold this one, but if you like green sparklies, I’ll list some of the other ones I have that are similar later this week.  I’ve also got a pin and earrings that are green rhinestones AND also are antique.

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