Where has Yowie Yoga Cat BEEN?

I know you all wonder how Yowie Yoga Cat has been doing with his CAREER.  Actually he’s been doing a lot of photo shoots lately.

Yowie Yoga Cat on a Cat Tower

Inquiring minds Want To KNOW

Yowie Yoga Cat Basket Pose

Yowie Yoga Cat Basket Pose

Yowie Yoga cat looking over shoulder

I am a serious cat

yowie yoga cat relaxing

I am sometimes shy and unimposing . . .

Yowie Yoga Cat getting fit for tne new fashion hat

Yowie Yoga Cat getting fit for tne new fashion hat

Yowie Yoga Cat is sexy

Yowie Yoga Cat is a sexy thinking guy

Yowie Yoga Cat In the Bath

And Yowie Yoga Cat ends his day in the bath

HOWEVER . . . Nowdays, when he isn’t posing for a photo shoot, he hangs out with BUBBA


BUBBA, Yowie’s friend

And he also hangs out with CHICKME, his maybe girlfriend

Chicken perching



New design for my website header

I first want to thank Andrew Zhebrakov of http://www.icojam.com for letting me use the Maneki Neko iconset to use in my designs.  He designed the cat, and I just incorporated it into my design.  He is really very good at what he does.  And I really like Maneki Neko cats.  I will do an article on their history later.

NOTE: Recently I had to take the site down for security reasons.  Lots of spammers and such.  But I’m working on getting it back up soon.  I’ll post here when it’s ready.  I had to really figure that one out, not being a professional person (grin)

Jewelant.com artwork for header

Jewlant.com new header


White cat in a basket

Yowie is resting from his exhausting yoga career. He is sure he cannot be found by his many fans.


Cat with underwear on his head

Yoga cat likes his underwear


cat on back, yoga cat

Cat surfing can be hard if you are less than yoga FIT

Yowie yoga cat career continues . . .  He is now deeply getting into . . . SURFING!  (He always did like the Beach Boys)

Yoga Cat asks for his bath

cat in bathtub

Yoga cat is dirty . . .

Yowie hangs out here in the bathtub. If he can’t get me to give him a bath,then he diddles in the water while I take one myself.

Yoga cat still Yoga-ing

Yowie is so laid back.  Here his recent Yoga poses

White cat doing Yoga

Yowie is so laid back

He is so laid back that you can decorate him like a Christmas tree

White cat with bannanna on his stomach

Yowie wears bananas sometimes

Go figure, he’s adopted, maybe that has something to do with it.

Cat Bath Curtain Tackle Attack number ONE & TWO

He will knock off all your shampoo, scare you out of your wits, and hang around for more action!

And then there is the second round . . .

If you got a cat that does that kind of stuff, let me know.

You can leave a comment at the bottom of the page.  

Cat Yoga For The Rest Of Us, or Yowie Cat Yoga

Cat Yoga is latest thing in cat exercise. And my cat is a Yoga cat-fool.

Here’s some photos of him in action on an average day. Keep in mind,our routine to watch tv was that you had to kick the cat out of the chair each night before you could sit down to see the news. He was a SQUATTER of CHAIRS and a USURPER of THRONES.  But you gotta luv him, he’s kinda cute.

CatYoga1 Picture of cat doing yoga

Shall We Begin?

He even gloated when we passed.
He reveled in the smell of our ____________
He coated the chair with a sheen of white hair
in revenge for us moving him out of his lair.
He would scrunch, stretch, twist, and contort
Until I decided he had invented a sport.

CatYoga2 Picture of cat doing yoga

Warm up gradually . . .

CatYoga3 Picture of cat doing yoga

Reverse Extension of the spine . . .

CatYoga4 Picture of cat doing yoga

Arms over your head, look cute, curve right . . .

CatYoga5 Picture of cat doing yoga

Roll to right side, deep breath, and relax . . .

CatYoga6 Picture of cat doing yoga

Back to left stretch paw, curl leg and tail . .

CatYoga7 Picture of cat doing yoga

Look for audience appreciation . . .

CatYoga8 Picture of cat doing yoga

Stretch paws to the sky . . .

CatYoga9 Picture of cat doing yoga

Breath, lick paw, wash face, continue . . .

CatYoga10 Picture of cat doing yoga

Stretch upper body and paws . . .

CatYoga11 Picture of cat doing yoga

Retire to beach towel and wait for fan mail . .
























My job was to trim shrubs behind a commercial building that day.  I arrived at daybreak, the sun was barely up and the night lights were still lit.  I took my first pictures of the day to record what the foliage looked like before I began to trim.

I got all my tools, the wheelbarrow, the bags, and started up the walk.  Soon I saw there was somebody keeping me company . . .

Kitten Yowie first meeting

I soon saw there was somebody keeping me company

The streak of white color dissapeared behind one of the rose bushes up against the building and I realized that it was a kitten. I got down on my knees to peer under the bush he was hiding in and stretched out my hand and called him.

He was a wild baby kitty, but not totally.  (Somebody had been feeding him at lunchtime.)  I ran back to the car and got part of my sandwich (the meat part), and ran back to feed him.  He ate it all, even a french fry.

Orphan kitty scared

He watched with suspicious curiosity

I started walking around to see what needed to be done to the flower beds.  The kitten watched all this with suspicious curiosity. Getting food every few minutes had him soon following me around asking for more.

Orphan kitty was friendly

He soon started following me around

I wasn’t surprised.  He had no Mommy anywhere that I could see.  I found out later a mother cat had been seen carrying him across the parking lot and dropped him off there never to return.  He was an ORPHAN BABY KITTYKAT.

Orphan kitty starved

He was starving …

He was starving, and looked better than he was because he was a long haired kitten, and the fur disguised the ribbyness of his tiny little body.

Orphan kitty purrson of importance

I could tell he was a Purrson of importance

But his personality told me he was a purrson of importance, sooo. . .    He came home in a cardboard box when I left the job two days later.

Orphan kitty first meeting with big cat

My other cat was not so sure about this newcomer

My other cat was not so sure about this newcomer.  He hissed a lot, and spit a lot, and cussed a lot.  Then he just left the room disgusted.

Orphan kitty in cage

I put him in a cage for his own safety

I put him in another room in a cage so that the big guy wouldn’t eat him.  A time out was needed before it was discovered that he was really a friend and not an intruder.

Orphan kitty making friends with big cat

At first, curiosity at a distance

He was allowed out only under supervision and then recaged at night.  More and more freedom as he was accepted.  At first it was just curiosity from a safe distance.  But in the end, after a few weeks, they became more and more friends . . .

Orphan kitty accepted at last

In the end they became friends

After a week of the big cat being pounced on, and the little cat getting smashed on, and a bunch of spats, there was a truce.  But in the end they got their act together and became companionable friends.

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