Peeky Peeky Roof

I looked up at the front of my house and was upset to see the antique (100 year old) wood decoration was chipping, cracking, leaking, and weathering.


Someone had simply just kept putting more and more paint on until finally it cracked and chipped half off. I knew if I left it that way it would fall apart and the design just fall off.

We took it into the house and put it up on a couple of work horses. I examined it, got my scrapers, chisels, sandpaper, and went to work. I knew removing all those many years of paint was going to take a very long time. Sorry, I haven’t found the picture of the close up of the bad paint job.




There was paint down in cracks that needed an exacto knife to get out. Finally we took it outside and used paint remover on it and then gently washed it off and let it dry. That paint was so tough to get off.

After the exacto knife and sandpaper on all the cracks and crevasses I patched and caulked all the cracked places, gouged places, and sealed where the wood design met the flat wood base.


Then we sprayed it with four coats of a very tough exterior base primer in white to waterproof it totally front and back, and give brightness under the colors that were to come . . .

I just used acrylic craft paints on this.  But when the painting was finished, it was sprayed with two coats of a durable clear acrylic exterior coating.


This is on the house but not adjusted or nailed down yet. I had to carry that heavy thing up a ladder and nail it so it wouldn’t fall back down again. I only weigh 120 pounds soaking wet, so it was a really careful balanced climb so I wouldn’t break my neck.

You can see another view of this on my Deviant Art Gallery








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