A family of bears

8 cute bear figurines

The bear family

Halloween and Christmas decorations for your shelf collection. Eight bears from my bear collection need a new home.  Here’s what they look like up close and personal.

hand painted composite fuzzy Halloween Bear with pumpkin body, top hat, and raven on his paw

Even birds like bears

witch bear figurine with hat,broom,and raven perching

Get that bug off my broom!

hand painted ceramic pumplin bear with pumpkin body

I need some anti acid pills.

composite halloween bear holding pumpkin with baby bear

Even a teddy bear needs a teddy bear

bear with pumplin body, hat, sack, and baby bear

I think I’m lost

Halloween Bear figurine with skeleton costume and lantern and hat


hand painted composite christmas bear with bag and list

I’ve got a list and you’re on it.

hand painted composite fuzzy drummer bear figurine


They each measure from 2 1/2 inches to 3″ tall.

All eight bears for $18.00  #CER 52,56,72-76 Paypal buy now button

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