Antique Jewelry repurposed page 1

Antique pin gold leaf

One of my Antique pins

I have a lot of ANTIQUE jewelry that is between 50 to 170 years old. Rhinestone, metallic, Mother of Pearl, Earrings, pins, pins that double as necklaces, bracelets, and it is all very very old.  It was owned by a relative and she put it in a trunk where it remained for about 30 years until her passing.  There was so much of it that no normal person could wear all of it unless they wore a piece each day for years.  Additionally, I also inherited antique buttons, military emblems and awards, and medallions of all kinds.

So I aked myself “Hey, you, if you wanted a nice piece of jewelry for yourself, what would you do with it?”  And me said that I’d just make something out of it.  So here I post for you some of the jewelry I made out of my antique parts.  I would wear them myself, but I don’t have ten or twenty bodies to wear it on.  It’s all very dressy and for sale.

I’ve also got many broken necklaces that are antique beads that someone strung on simple sewing thread, which rots in 75-100 years.  So if you bead a lot contact me for pictures of my beads. I might have some you’d like.  If you have a question as to the history of some of them just ask and I’ll post an article on it.

I also have superb unbroken antique jewelry all over the place, but I will be posting that elsewhere, probably on my website at

NOTE ON SHIPPING:  Currently I do not sell outside the United States, so shipping is for the U.S. only right now.  Later on I may change this, but for now that’s the deal.  If you wish to buy more than one item I can ship several small items for the same shipping price.  Over a certain weight or size the package size goes up and so does the shipping.

Antique Ornate silver cross with multi colored stones

Antique Ornate silver cross with multi colored stones

Large Silver toned metal cross necklace with five colored stones. 23’” silver tone chain. Measures about 3″ x 2′.  Late 1950’s to Early 1960’s  #JEW 02a  $16.00   Paypal buy now button

Antique enameled mauve and gold pendant with flowers

Antique enameled mauve and gold pendant with flowers

Antique Mauve enameled metal shell pendant full view

Antique enameled shell pendant full view

Antique Mauve enameled metal shell pendant and chain with gold edge, small yellow flower motif. Measures 1 ¼ x 1 1/2”, chain  23”  #JEW 03 $16.00             Paypal buy now button

Silver and green rhinestone pendant

Antique green rhinestone pendant with silver chain

antique silver necklace with green rhinestone pendant

Comes with decorative silver chain

Silver toned metal and green rhinestone pendant and necklace. Pendant measures 7/8” x 7/8”.  Silver toned chain 27” Late 1800’s to early 1900’s    #JEW 11  SOLD

I sold this one, but if you like green sparklies, I’ll list some of the other ones I have that are similar later this week.  I’ve also got a pin and earrings that are green rhinestones AND also are antique.


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  1. Love this! I am also starting to work on restyling vintage jewelry. It’s great to see mre of this on the market.o


    • OH HI! Keep at it. It’s really fun to do. Lately I haven’t had time to mess with that, although it’s waiting. Right now I’ve been posting some of my photos on Deviant Art to sell.


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