Hiding under the blanket

Do you ever feel this way?


I ain’t coming out

This was taken this winter when the pipes froze up in the house.  I had to get under there and fix them, and this is how I felt.  Anyone else have a day (week) like that?


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  1. Yup, our pipes froze this past winter too (just the hot thankfully and no damage to the pipes). Took us all day to thaw them out but when we did, we made it a point to run a heater in the crawlspace and run the hot water every few hours.


    • All our water was hooked up EXCEPT the cold water to the kitchen. We had other emergencies to take care of and it hasn’t gotten done yet. But now that it’s summer I at least won’t freeze when I replace that run of pipes. On the other hand . . . snakes, spiders, ants and such are very active somewhere down there . . . I have to do it soon though because processing vegetables in the kitchen without cold water just won’t do. I burn my hands regularly just trying to rinse them after forgetting the tap is just hot water. Sheesh. We’re still building a chicken house and pen and soon they will be laying eggs. Hey, you get older and you have to triage. We do things in bits, rest, do more, rest, do more rest some more. Another life lesson learned I guess.


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