For the Moms you knew


Moms Chicken

Mom was always doing art and artsy stuff. When I was very young, one day she started a project that always puzzled me, because she slaved and worried over it so strenuously.  And this is how it started.

She got out some wax paper, Elmers Glue, sawdust, a big bowl, some tools, and started mixing the glue with the sawdust. She drew out this chicken on the wax paper and then with the glue/sawdust mixture she proceeded to make a flat but bas-relief chicken on the wax paper.

She fussed, she cussed, she just couldn’t get it right.  But when it was finished and dried out, it looked like the chicken in the picture above.  Well, it didn’t hold together very well.  It broke in all the small places like the feathers.  But I remember it so vividly because it seemed so important to her.  I didn’t try to figure it out then, but now I know what it all means.

See, when my mother died I inherited all of Grandmas stuff that SHE inherited.  And one of the things that I got was this cast iron chicken.  I had never seen the actual thing, I just experienced my Mom trying to make a chicken.  But now I know that it was her Moms chicken, and it meant a whole lot to her.

So this chicken has a place of great honor in my kitchen now. You just never know the history of things sometimes except by accident. If someone had thrown it out, I might never have known.

It was a very special light bulb moment when I “got it”


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