Why Not Leave the Egg Coloring to Your Hens?

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City Girl Farming Blog


The secret is out: If you raise your own backyard chickens, you don’t have to dye Easter eggs. Although factory farmed eggs are white (or brown) and all uniform in color and shape, chicken eggs actually come in all sorts of sizes and colors. (And occasionally in interesting shapes, too.) Part of the fun of having a small backyard flock is that there are breeds chickens suitable for backyard living that lay eggs in colors from pink to blue to dark chocolate. With or without speckles, too. So much more fun than the boring white eggs most people are accustomed to.

Beautifully colored eggs abound. You just need to know what breeds of chickens lay them. Here are some of the best:

Araucanas. A distinguishing factor of a true Araucana is that it doesn’t have a tail. (They’re also known as the South American Rumpless for that reason.)These birds originally…

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