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I found out, quite by accident, and because I discovered the “Add Contact Form” option at the top of my editing page and added an actual Contact form to one of my posts, something unusual I didn’t previously know.  I found that sometimes people are more willling to contact you and leave comments privately than on the standard comment form that posts their comments and username to a blog page.

SOOOO, I am adding a new contact form for those of you that wish to send me private comments or mail.  The regular comment form at the bottom adds your comment to the blog comment section on my pages.  But I need to actually put the new form at the VERY bottom of the page.  Because I haven’t figured out yet how to do that, I’m posting news to that effect till I can figure it out.  This is the private comment form.  It will not post your comments publicly, and I’ve labeled it that way.

The regular form is always on the pages at the bottom of the post if public posting doesn’t bother you.  I don’t care how you contact me,  I’m just glad to hear from you either way.  I might ask you (privately) though, if I can post your comment (minus any personally identifiable information, or location information) to my blog if it’s valuable for an article or such.  But then, that’s the reason for two forms, so that you can have more than one choice.  It’s a little typing, but I prefer to ask permission for things like that.

For more information on contact forms see this WordPress article:

AND . . . HERE IT IS! (The new, improved, you can talk to me privately form!) I haven’t added it to all pages yet.

OOPS! Here it is NOT.  Spammers love contact forms.  I do too, but I don’t have time for the extra emails that contain nothing but advertisements. 



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