I almost forgot.  In my upset over drippy feeders, feeders that drown my bees, hard bee candy they needed water to process, etc, etc…  I came up with another idea.  I took some large square cake pans and 1-2 in thick foam padding, and a razor blade and cut it to fit the inside of the pan, leaving 1/2 inch in all sides for a trough.  Then I took and cut v shaped grooves almost through the foam.  That left foam for them to stand on, and even if they got in the syrup they could easily pull themselves out of it.  It seems to be working pretty good.

foam honey bee feeder, syrup feeder

FOAM FEEDER – The foam looks like you could eat it too.

Then I set the pans on top of an inner cover that has a center hole, and the bees come up and get the syrup!  I have to fill it every two days or so though.  I’m going to fix some kind of float so that I can fill the pan deeper with syrup, and have the foam float to the top, and back down again as the bees consume the syrup.


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